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Lisa Cruz-Shelley is Crucial Visuals - Freelance Graphic Designer

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My design aesthetic? The wonderfully minimalist style of Swiss Modernism.  Bright colors and not a lot of fuss gets me going If you throw in some sans-serif typefaces, I'm a happy clam! Let the content do the talking.

My workflow? If there's time, I do research, see what's out there. I'll then present ideas to the client to measure the climate. Filter ideas, refine the work, proof, edit, proof again, present and hopefully a sign-off with quality control and assurance throughout the process.

I'm also qualified to make decisions on my own, if needed. I'm a team player by default, but with the freelance work I've done, sometimes I need to take that step and lead. Collaborative? Solo? It's all gravy.

My guilty pleasures? Oh so many. 80's new wave one hit wonders. BBC Sherlock. I've seen each episode at least 20 times. Reading fanfics about different Sherlock verses and knowing KISS ALIVE (Cobo Hall, Detroit) backwards and forwards.


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